Monday, June 22, 2015

Pregnancy Update: 36-weeks (1-month to go!)

Here are my 36-week stats: 

I feel great these least during the day. It seems as though the farther I get into this pregnancy, the better I feel. I have great energy and I have been getting a lot of cleaning and organizing done lately. (Could I be nesting??) I don't know if my diet change from having gestational diabetes has any part to do with my feeling great, but whatever it is I'll take it. I do however, have aches and pains when I stop moving. If I sit for too long I get uncomfortable, and in bed at night there is a lot of tossing and turning. I am still not sleeping that well due to having to pee almost once an hour (!) along with being uncomfortable. I am sure it is my body's way of preparing for sleepless nights with the baby. Also, backaches in pregnancy are over talked about. My back doesn't hurt at all, for me it is my ribs and my feet. Ohh the aches! All in all though, I am feeling quite positive and energetic about the end of this pregnancy.

The bump has either not grown in the last month, or is growing ever so slowly. I felt like I was getting really big really fast, and then things halted. When I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes they put me on a fairly strict diet and I have actually LOST weight. (whoa there!) I never expected to restrict what I ate during pregnancy let alone lose weight. My midwife doesn't seem concerned though, so I am not going to worry about it. The baby has measured small for my whole pregnancy, so it makes sense that my bump isn't that big. (Right, right? Should I be worried??)

Craving: cravings are limited these days since I am on a diabetic diet. I have mostly cut out complex carbs, or anything moderately high in carbs, along with sugar. So that leaves me with veggies, meat, cheese, yogurt and some fruits. The fruits that I am living on (or that I crave, I guess) are cherries and strawberries. I can eat a decent amount of them without making my blood sugar spike, whoop whoop! It's the small things. Occasionally, I will eat salads all day so that I can get ice-cream at the end of the day and not mess up my blood sugar. This whole gestational diabetes thing has become a game really. I am always learning little tricks.

Baby Stats:
Babycenter says the baby is the size of a melon right now. She should weigh about 5 pounds and measure about 20 inches long. Wow! I don't know where my baby fits into those stats though, since she is small for her size. (They are saying that she will probably come LATE since she is so small!) I can feel her regularly throughout the day. The midwife says my uterus is all the way up under my ribs and I don't doubt it because I have gotten some swift kicks from behind the ribs. That's a special feeling let me tell ya... Usually when I sit or lay down is when the baby gets really active. She kicks and moves all over the place. If I lift up my shirt I can often see my belly moving, so crazy.

What about a name?
Everyone asks us if we have a name picked out and what it is. So far we have told everyone everything about the baby and my pregnancy, EXCEPT for the name. We've had a name picked out since we knew she was a girl, but decided not to tell anyone. Well, the weirdest thing happened. I stopped liking the name! How does that happen?! I started saying the name out loud to get used to it and I didn't like it. Just like that. Bah humbug! So now at 36-weeks we are starting from scratch with names. We really have no clue what to name her. Any suggestions? I think we are going to wait until she is born and wing it. Great plan right?

36-week (diabetic friendly) Pregnancy Food:
dill pickle, cherries, whole grain crackers with cheese, hummus with celery
grilled steak, asparagus, 1/2 piece of corn

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