Ellie's Experiences

I am one of those people who feels the purpose of life is to try every experience possible. I mean, we only live once, so why not? While I have already tried so many things without documenting them, I have decided from here on out I WILL document them. Enjoy my experiences and maybe even try some of them yourself!


Spray Tan
This was the perfect way to get a quick tan before vacation. Read about it.

"Clean" Detox
Back in 2011 Andy and I read the book "Clean" and did the detox program. I even made a whole blog dedicated to explaining how you can do the program yourself. Read all about it here.

Ear Candling
This is another old one that I blogged about trying. Check it out here.

Replacing Coffee with a Tonic
While on another health kick I decided to replace my morning coffee with a health tonic. Read about it here and maybe even try it yourself.

Going Minimalist
I am always striving for a more minimalist lifestyle. Here's how I started.

Hosting AirBnB'ers
While living in California we hosted AirBnb'ers in our spare bedroom for a variety of months. Check it out.

Rubbermaid Bedframe
In our more extreme minimalist days, Andy and I decided to try sleeping on a Rubbermaid bed frame.

Giving Birth
I gave birth, that counts as a major life experience! Read about it here.

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