Thursday, June 18, 2015

Letters to a Pregnant Lady

Since getting pregnant I have received a few hand-written/handmade(!) letters from friends. I have found this gesture both surprising and extremely supportive. There is no other time in a woman's life (well, maybe menopause) that she needs solid support from her woman friends, than during pregnancy. I have always thought of pregnancy as a hugely defining time for a woman. You are more woman/feminine when you are with child, than any other time in your life. (In my opinion.)

During pregnancy, the woman's body does what it was made to do, it is real-life working biology. It is so incredible to think about! This real-life working biology can take a toll on the average woman though. Everything is changing: body, emotions, mental state... And really, the only other people that can truly understand this is other women. Yes, men can be empathetic and caring, but they don't truly understand what a woman goes through during pregnancy. Thus, the importance of women friends.

A lot of my pregnancy has felt lonely (especially the beginning). I didn't have any other close friends who were pregnant, and the majority of my friends just had no idea what I was going through. I have actually felt alienated by most of my friends due to not drinking anymore. As time has gone on though, special people have come out of the wood-work of life to show me support. Some of them are moms already, some are just intuitive friends who understand that a pregnant lady needs extra support and attention. Either way, I will take what I can get.

These special people that have reached out to me during such a big change in my life have made it worth all the while. I am sure that when I give birth and see my baby, I will say that she was worth it, but right now my lady friends are what make it worth all the tears, stress, and body changes. They have taught me the importance of woman-support. Not just through checking-in to see how I am or what I need, but through letters, both from near and far friends. Their letters and creative cards have gotten me through some trying times in my pregnancy. I cannot express enough gratitude to those supportive women in my life. They have shown me support, wisdom, and love in such a crazy time of womanhood.

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