Monday, March 2, 2015

Pregnancy Update: week-20 (5 months)

Here are my 5-month stats:

Shew, for the first time in 20 weeks I finally feel like myself! (Most days.) My energy levels are fairly regular, though I still nap here and there, and I am eating normal again. The one main thing that I would say is different this month is my emotional state. I haven't been emotional one bit since getting pregnant until now. When I learned I was pregnant there were no tears, just fear and excitement. When I heard the heart beat the first time, still no tears. Learned the sex of the baby...well maybe 1 tear. I happily watched sappy movies and tv shows and felt no emotion. I was beginning to wonder if I had turned into an ice queen. UNTIL, the last few weeks. Now I am a wreck! I don't know where it came from, but the emotions have swept over me like getting caught in a storm at sea. Some days I can hardly keep my head above water. I cry for no reason! I will also admit (which is hard and I hate acknowledging the fact) that I've had some depression lately. I know it is completely hormonal and it doesn't last more than a day or two at a time, but it is hard to deal with when I fall into that state. Despite feeling mostly normal, I still strongly dislike being pregnant even though my body is doing an amazing thing. I will be happy when my body is done being pregnant.

The bump is finally growing! I feel like I went out of town for one weekend and while I was gone I grew a little bump. Well if that's all it took, I should have left town a lot sooner! Hurray for baby bumps! I guess I'll just get bigger from here on out.

I haven't really craved anything specific lately. My appetite is coming along fantastically though. I can eat anything again and I am actually hungry now. I have been making hearty soups and pancakes and plenty of baked goods. I also started making homemade yogurt and granola, which I now eat for breakfast every morning. I am still eating a lot of fruit flavored ice-creams. I guess that would be the one main thing that I crave.

What Baby Center says:
The baby is the size of a mango. She (yes, it's a GIRL!) now has finger prints. She is also growing hair and can hiccup and yawn. She is gaining body fat and becoming more active every day. (And I can feel her doing somersaults pretty regularly.)

20-week Pregnancy Food in Pictures:
apple slices, clementine, sharp cheddar cheese, chocolate chip cookie, hard boiled egg
chili with cheddar cheese, club crackers

apple slices, chicken salad sandwich (with capers!), gingersnap cookie, black olives

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