Wednesday, March 4, 2015

It's A GIRL!

Did I mention that it's a GIRL? Well, we found out and I couldn't be more happy! I desperately hoped it would be a girl, do I am beyond excited that it is. It will be the biggest privilege for me to raise a little girl the way that my mom raised me. I can't wait!

Since we are the first of our close friends to have a baby we decided to be cheesy about it and throw a little gender-reveal party. Our house is still under renovation so we didn't go all out with the party, but having a few friends over on a Sunday afternoon to reveal our baby's sex was definitely fun. We made cupcakes decorated in blue and pink icing with eye lashes and mustaches on them. That was the "theme" of the get together. We had our friends wear pink or blue based on what they thought/hoped it would be. After everyone arrived we ate some snacks and then each person took a turn throwing darts at black balloons. (Idea from this blogger.) Surprisingly, we got through almost all of the balloons without hitting the gender reveal balloon. The second to last balloon to be hit had the pink confetti in it. Everyone cheered and we made a jolly little afternoon of it. It was a fun, low key way to announce the sex of our baby girl. Let the pink and ruffles begin!

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