Thursday, February 19, 2015

Pregnant Lady at a Bachelorette Party

My bag is packed and I am headed to a weekend long bachelorette party in New York City. I am both excited and awkwardly nervous. I am not the type of person to be nervous about spending a wild weekend with fun girls in NYC, but the pregnant woman in me is a bit of a wreck right now. I am feeling old, fat, ugly (skin is broken out), and not like my usual fun, perky self. I take naps, eat on a schedule, go to bed early, and don't drink alcohol. None of that sounds like fun to be around. How are people going to enjoy being around me? Also, how am I going to survive a night out in a CLUB?


At almost 5-months pregnant I am kind of showing, but I mostly just look fatter. I have a definite belly, but it is only obvious when I am naked. Luckily it is winter and a large coat can disguise any size of belly. Where a nightclub is concerned though, I have other issues. Girls in clubs don't wear many clothes, let alone bulky jackets. They look hot and sexy, two things I feel are impossible for me to attain right now.

I have torn apart my closet and flipped it upside down. Andy has sat through many a fashion show of me modeling possible nightclub outfits. He gives good critiques like: "I rate it 4 out of 10." or "I would buy you a drink in that outfit." or "You need a bigger push-up bra." or "Don't wear heels in the house, the floor may scratch." What a supportive husband I have. :)

As it turns out, my go-to outfit of black jeans and a black sparkly tank top looks horribly bad on my halfway pregnant body. I could not look more frumpy in those clothes. I mean, those clothes were a major insult to my life growing body. Oh the horror!!

So I did a quick run to Ross. I'd seen their mini maternity section before and figured if I was going to find anything sexy and cheap it would be Ross. (Because when again am I going to want to be uncomfortable and look sexy as a pregnant woman? I love my sweatpants.) Sure enough, I found some great black tights immediately. As for tops though, they were all very momly. (is that a word?) After that, my solution was to buy a size up in regular tops. I think I had some luck. I guess we will see when I hit up the club on Saturday night. Wish me luck!

Dressing room options at Ross.

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  1. These photos are nice and I bet that every moment at the bash was super enjoyable. I also got married recently and was able to throw a super enjoyable bachelorette at one of the rental spaces for parties. And it was super great to have both my sister-in-laws to be a part of this party.