Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Pregnancy Update: week 8 (2 months!!)

Here are my 8 week stats:
no bump yet
Ugh, well the morning sickness has arrived. After feeling great for the last few weeks I thought I was in the clear...not! Last week I started feeling nauseous and it has been with me ever since. Sometimes it is just a stomach rot feeling, other times I feel like I am going to vomit if I move. I've realized that as long as nothing is touching my neck when I am nauseous I do better. (weird) This week I've also started getting headaches. And I'm exhausted! I take an afternoon nap when I can AND I go to bed early. Yet despite my tiredness I still have insomnia. I'll wake up in the middle of the night and never fall back asleep. Pregnancy is NOT feeling so great this week! Luckily, my mid-section hasn't really started growing yet. All of my clothes still fit great and comfortable. Hurray for one consistent thing in my life right now.

Due to nausea I am not really craving anything right now. I survive on apples, oranges, and saltine crackers. Or anything that is pure carbs. I hate to admit it, but that is really all I have eaten lately. I have even stopped drinking coffee because the thought of it makes my stomach roll. Gosh, I miss food!

What Baby Center says:
The baby is the size of a ripe raspberry. It starts to grow knees and elbows this week. The baby also has all of the organs that it will have as an adult, wow. The baby is a fetus this week and even starts moving...though I won't feel it yet.

8-week Pregnancy Food in Pictures:
Raw crunchy ramen noodles, chicken broth, ginger ale, clementine
Apple slices, pickle, saltine crackers

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