Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Pregnancy Update: week 6

This is the first of hopefully many pregnancy updates. I want to remember everything, so I am using this as an online journal of sorts. 6 weeks is so early, but I feel like a lot of changes are already occurring. My body feels different but it doesn't look any different, so mentally I am having a hard time believing that I am actually pregnant.

Here are my 6 week stats:

I feel great! (Now I should go knock on some wood.) Last week I was pretty tired, but this week I seem to have a burst of energy. I am struggling with insomnia, but surprisingly I wake up with energy each morning...don't quite know how that works. I am also very crampy and bloated, but it is less intense this week than it was last week. Some smells (like meat) make me feel slightly nauseous, but it hasn't been bad. I also have occasional headaches and my dreams are FULL of sex!

Anything salty!! Andy bought me a few jars of pickles (as a joke) when he found out I was pregnant, and boy have I been going through them! I have also been eating a lot of miso soup and capers, capers on everything. And, I have been feeling a lot more thirsty, so I keep a full water bottle with me everywhere I go.

What Baby Center says:
The baby is the size of a pea, it is developing eyes, ears, and mouth this week, and a primitive little heart has started beating to distribute blood.

6-week Pregnancy Food in Pictures:
Miso soup, pickle, crackers, carrots, salted tomato, celery with peanut butter, cheese stick (trying to get my nutrients)

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