Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Pregnancy Update: week 12 (3 months)

Here are my 3-month stats:
itty bitty bump
The last month was the worst month of pregnancy that I have had yet. I was nauseous, puking, and on top of that I came down with bronchitis and a cold. The cough and cold along with nausea held me up in bed for about three weeks. We even cancelled traveling to see family over Christmas because I wasn't up to it. It was NOT FUN. Since new years though, I have been feeling much better. I think I have the nausea under control mainly by munching on small snacks all-of-the-time. (I keep snacks in my purse, next to my bed, in the bathroom...yes, I have become a crazy snack lady.) I can also feel my energy coming back, thank goodness! I function somewhat normally now. It feels as if the fog is lifting and I am getting back to myself.

I still don't have a real bump yet, but my belly is growing. I now have a pooch in my lower belly that will not go away if I suck in. All of my clothes still fit normally because the pooch is right above my pants line. We also heard the baby's heart beat a few days ago! It was truly magical. I can't believe that I am growing a baby!

My appetite was pretty lousy this last month. I survived on crackers, toast, and clementines. It was just about all I could stomach. Now that I am feeling better my appetite is slowly coming back. I am finally enjoying some foods again. Recently cravings have been cucumbers and orange sherbert. I can't get enough of those! I've also been eating a lot of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I cut them into quarters and snack on them throughout the day. (A nice eating tip from the midwife.)

What Baby Center says:
The baby is the size of a plum. The midwife said the baby is actually 3 inches long. Most of the baby's vital organs have formed, the heart is beating, and blood is circulating through its little body. Now the baby really needs to focus on growing from here on out.

Midwife Comment:
"Wow, you have good pelvic bones. They are thick and strong."
Me: Thanks?

12-week Pregnancy Food in Pictures:
Salad with tomatoes and hard boiled egg, cheetos

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