Thursday, February 5, 2015

Pregnancy Update: week 16 (4-months)

Here are my 4-month stats:

small bump, first maternity shirt

I definitely feel more like myself these days. The last few months were miserable. I still have a bit of bronchitis from has lasted for two months! Some days I have an extraordinary amount of energy. (today) I am able to get a lot done and I still feel great. Other days I am pooped for no reason and find myself moping around all day. (like yesterday) The morning sickness seems to be gone, wohoo. Instead, I am getting headaches. The midwife says headaches are due to my body pumping more blood through my system. She mentioned that a little bit of coffee would help, and it has! I have had no interest in coffee since my second month of pregnancy, but now I am able to enjoy a small cup when a headache comes on. I have also started to feel the baby! I can't even describe how amazing it is to feel a baby in my belly. Just magical!

My baby bump is about the same size as it was last month. Last month though, some days it was there and other days I had a flat stomach. This month I have a consistent bump that never goes away. My weight gain is on the slower side, but the midwife said it would pick up in the coming months, along with the growth of the baby.

Since morning sickness has disappeared I still have not had much of an appetite. Food is appealing, but I don't feel like eating. It is definitely a weird place to be. Luckily, as each day goes by I gain a little bit of an appetite. I am also cooking again. I haven't had the drive, energy, or appetite to cook in the last few months, but now I am getting back into it. My cravings these days are mostly candy and ice-cream. I knew my sweet tooth would come back! I've been enjoying skittles and non-chocolate flavors of ice-cream.

What Baby Center says:
The baby is the size of an avocado. By now the baby is mostly developed, it is just fine tuning its organs. Apparently the baby can find its thumb and suck it, it is also moving a lot as its muscles grow, and it can hear sounds- mostly me. From here on out the baby will be growing, a lot.

Weird dream of the month:
I seduced Justin Bieber on a playground and then we had wild sex. (I feel super awkward admitting to this dream...but hey, I blame it on pregnancy.)

16-week Pregnancy Food in Pictures:
I cooked! (first time in three months) Broccoli cheddar soup with whole grain toast.
Cookies & cream ice-cream straight out of the container.

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