Friday, June 14, 2013

Ocean Beach!

Ahh, Ocean Beach, San Francisco. Andy and I picnicked here a few weeks ago and it was wonderful! We are on the constant search for good beaches in the Bay Area. Not that there are beaches that are not good, but some have better perks than others. Some allow fires, some don't, some get crowded, others are abandoned, some allow dogs, others are strict with animals, some are blocked from the wind, others are warm...and it goes on. Ocean Beach is one that we have put of visiting due to the fact that it is actually in San Francisco. We figured it would be crowded and over run with people, not to mention cold and windy. Surprisingly though, it was none of those things.

Ocean Beach runs about the whole length of the western side of San Francisco. It stretches pretty far and because of that there is plenty of space to spread out. We went on sunny day and it actually got hot! We didn't wear bathing suits because the Bay Area beaches are far too cold for that. We were tucked away in the grassy bluffs out of sight for most to see us, so we stripped down to our underwear and basked in the sun. (Simply divine!) Not only was Ocean Beach warm, but we saw plenty of dogs and I think beach fires are even allowed. This seems like a beach win for the books!

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