Wednesday, June 12, 2013

New Years Goals Recap

Now that we are half way though the year I figured I would do a recap on my New Years Goals (not resolutions). Most years I will think of 1 or 2 goals over New Years Eve before the clock strikes 12 only to forget them days later. This year I decided to make a few goals and really stick to them. Having a blog makes that a lot easier, yay motivation! If I put something out there on the blogosphere I feel like I have to stick to it. It is a great way to hold myself accountable. :)

Goal #1: To live a minimalist lifestyle
I am happy to report that I have been fairly successful on this goal! Andy and I have whittled down our belongings to less than half of what we moved to California with. The more I minimize, the better I feel. It is more freeing than I thought it would be! Read more about it here, and find tips on how to do it yourself here.

Goal #2: Learn to drink my coffee black
This goal has been a big old FAIL. I had great intentions in January, but I just don't enjoy drinking black coffee. I desperately love to load up my coffee with milk and sugar...lets just call it my guilty pleasure. I have been successful with exchanging my morning coffee for green tea though. During the week I will drink green tea rather than coffee. On the weekends when Andy and I make breakfast together I'll drink a big cup of fully loaded coffee. Yum!

Goal #3: Lose 10 pounds
Yay, I have lost the 10 pounds and even a few more!! I knew it was possible, I just had to get my head in the right place. After a year of owning and running a chocolate business I had packed on 10 extra pounds. (10 pounds of delicious chocolate!) So I worked hard and diligently to re-work my calories and add an exercise routine. I am not a runner or a biker or anything crazy, I just like to walk, so that's what I did. 10 pounds doesn't look any differently on my 5 foot 7 body frame, but it sure does feel better! Read more about my weight and food stuff here and here.

Goal #4: Pick up a sport
This goal has yet to be thought about or put into action, unfortunately it has gone by the wayside. We live next to a lake that has rowing and I would really like to try it, but it requires passing a few swim tests at a pool that is not nearby. (Hassle!) On the upside, Andy and I have joined a gym and we work out together, so maybe that is good enough?

Goal #5: Write a book
I am working on this one right now. I had another book idea that I was going to work towards (something top secret), but decided to put it on hold to write a chocolate truffle cookbook. While running my business as a chocolatier, I developed over 100 recipes for unique chocolate truffles. I don't want the recipes or all the great chocolate information that I learned to go to waste. So a chocolate cookbook it is!

Goal #6: Eliminate processed foods
This goal has happened in phases. For the first two months of the year I did not eat a single processed food, yay! Since then a few processed foods have slowly worked their way into my mouth. It happens mostly when we are traveling and I have decided just to go with it. As long as I stay mostly processed food free then a few things here and there won't hurt.

Overall I would say this years goals have been successful and even encouraging for me. When you set your mind to something and work towards it great things can happen. It has been a fun process for me to clean up my life and make it healthier. Now that I have begun these things I think the good habits are here to stay. What a fantastic feeling!

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