Monday, June 17, 2013

A Haircut

Well...I got a haircut! Does your hair ever annoy you, make your head tingly, and you think "gosh, I just have to chop this off". Mine does, so I gave it the chop! It has been time for a haircut since last fall but I was never motivated enough to do it. I am not attached to my hair, it is just convenient to tie up when it is long. Yes, I am lazy. Recently though, my scalp was itching for a haircut so I finally did it. I was curious about the Aveda Institute student haircuts, so I booked an appointment.

When I arrived at the San Francisco Aveda everyone was friendly, they even served me tea while I waited. When I met my hairdresser she explained that she would be asking her teacher for help throughout the haircut and that it may take longer. Then she proceeded to give me a scalp massage with scented oils. Um wow! After that, we picked out a shampoo together and she shampooed my hair. Then I showed her a picture of what I wanted and she called her teacher over to get a few tips on how to proceed. She was very careful and meticulous with my haircut. Ever so often she would call her teacher over just to make sure that she was doing everything properly. I appreciated that. The haircut took about 2.5 hours...yes it was long, but totally worth it. At the end of it all I only paid $17. Really, it was such a deal and a fun experience overall. Now if I can just learn how to style my hair the way she did...

*Sorry for the poor quality photos, I used the camera on my phone.

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