Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Ellie-Style: Plaid for San Francisco

We live in Oakland, so we tend to get a lot more warmth and sunshine than San Francisco. When heading into San Francisco though, one must be mindful of the weather. A city's weather has never been so interesting to me. One neighborhood could have warm sunshine, while another is cold and drenched in fog...so interesting! Never have I encountered that anywhere else in my whole life. Also, as a whole, San Francisco tends to be about 10 degrees colder than Oakland. (From my observations.) So each time we head into the city I am sure to read up on the weather beforehand. I have come to realize that San Francisco is a sweater and boot kind of city. These staples will fly just about any day of the year, awesome! It is also a city for layering. When we moved here, a friend told us his rule of thumb is 2-layers for day, 3-layers for night. We have been pretty safe sticking to that rule.

Target sweater (old), American Eagle plaid button up (from a friend), Gap skirt (similar), Korean boots, The Sak purse

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