Wednesday, April 10, 2013

10 Healthy Habits

I am always striving to live healthier along with developing and maintaining healthy habits. These are a few of the things that I do to stay healthy on a regular basis. What are your healthy habits? I'd love to add some new ones to my list.

1 - Keep a FILLED WATER bottle (or glass) near you all the time
{If it is right next to, you will drink it. Keep filling it up, so you always have something to sip on. Adding a straw will also help you to drink more.}

2 - Drink GREEN TEA
{The benefits of green tea are endless. It is an antioxidant, can help with weight loss, depression, cancer, blood pressure, tooth decay, it can help your skin and wrinkles...and it goes on. There are lots of fun flavors now, so it is easy to find something delicious that you will like.}

3 - Take DEEP BREATHS throughout the day
{When you breathe deeply, your brain gets more oxygen helping you to be more alert, perform better, and be in a more positive mood. Deep breaths help to relax you and relieve tension. Breathing deeply can also help with your posture and digestion. All it takes is a few deep breaths when you can remember.}

{Eating breakfast breaks the fast that your body has been in all night long. You need to fill your body with healthy and sustainable nutrients so that you can take on the day. Eating breakfast can also help with weight control. Eat your largest meal at breakfast so you can burn off the calories throughout the day.}
{A multivitamin can help you get the extra nutrients into your body that you are not getting through your diet. Unless you only eat a clean diet filled with fruit, vegetables, nuts, and lean meat, you will need the extra nutrients from a multivitamin. A women's multivitamin is especially good for the iron.}

6 - Take WALKS
{Walk first thing in the morning or after dinner in the evening. Take your family along and your dog too. It can be a little walk around the block, or a 3 mile long walk through a park. Getting outside will clear your head, the fresh air is good for you, and any kind of exercise is great.}

7 - Get SUN, even if it is just sticking your face out the window
{Sunlight is a wonderful source (and the best source) of vitamin D. You need vitamin D for proper functioning of your organs. The sun can also enhance your mood through releasing endorphins. A bit of sun each day is good for your mental health.}

8 - Eat YOGURT
{Yogurt contains "probiotics", which are good bacteria necessary for your digestive system. Yogurt is also high in protein, healthy fats, and calcium. In fact, the calcium in yogurt is supposed to be easier to digest than milk. When buying yogurt be sure to look for "live and active cultures" on the label.}

9 - Add LEMON to your water
{Adding lemon to your water is not only delicious and fresh, but it also helps with digestion. Drinking it first thing in the morning is great, but throughout the day can be just as beneficial.}

10 - Eat meals with COLOR
{Foods with different colors have different nutrients and antioxidants. It is best to get a good variety of these "colors" in your diet to stay healthy. Try for meals of at least 3 different colored foods. Read more about colorful foods here.}

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  1. Your list of healthy habit is perfect. Anyone who adopt these habits can be healthy for their lifetime.