Monday, April 8, 2013

Art Inspiration: Ida Frosk

Ida Frosk is a food artist and enthusiast from Norway. She believes that food should be fun, tasty, and healthy. (Sweet!) Her first piece was a bear and fox made on a piece of toast that she copied off someone else's food art on the internet out of fun. Since then, she has been unstoppable. Her pictures are usually created from breakfast food items. She does it for fun, photographs it with a phone, and then eats it! (Simple enough.) She got started posting photos through Instagram and now has a blog where she documents her breakfast food art.
I love this! What fun!! Her food art and her blog title remind me of a book I had as a child...can't remember what book it was though. I love her simple, fun, and colorful take on food. Just another way of thinking outside the box. Wonderful! (Oh, and I love how her feet show in most of her pictures. Too funny.)

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  1. This is so much fun – what a cool idea. I feel like this reminds me of something from childhood too...

    Sea and Swank