Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Art Inspiration: Murad Osmann

A few days ago Andy introduced me to Murad Osmann's instagram series called 'Follow Me To...'. I am always on the lookout for inspiring art, so I was immediately captivated! I read up on him and it turns out that he is a Russian artist, photographer, and film maker. He started the series 'Follow Me To...' by accident. While traveling with his girlfriend he wouldn't put his camera down. He took pictures of everything and it began to frustrate his girlfriend. While holding hands one day, Osmann started taking pictures, his girlfriend got upset and tried to pull away. Osmann caught the action in a photograph and decided to turn it into a series. I love it! It reminds me of a series that I would do and has got me thinking and inspired about all sorts of ideas. Hopefully you will get as much enjoyment out of Osmann's series as I do. You can find these photos and more on his instagram: muradosmann.

 Here is a photograph of Osmann taking the picture.

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