Tuesday, March 5, 2013

San Francisco Piers & Fishermans Wharf

This last weekend Andy and I braved the crowds to explore the San Francisco piers and Fishermans Wharf. It was a cool dreary day, but we had a wonderful time! Plus, what else do you expect from San Francisco weather?!

We started around Pier 17 and worked our way all the way down to Fishermans Wharf. The closer we got to Fishermans Wharf, the larger the crowds grew. Along the way we enjoyed the TCHO chocolate headquarters, lots of advertising for the Americas Cup sail boat race, and plenty of seagulls. We also enjoyed watching the boats come in and out, and imagined what it might be like to own our own sailboat one day.

Once we reached Pier 39 we really had to push through the crowds. It was a boardwalk of festivities, minus the rides. On the other side of the shops and restaurants we found the seals! You could hear them making their seal noises and watch as they battle one another for a good spot on the floating piers. It was such a sight...and smell.

A ways past Pier 39 we found ourselves at the end of an abandoned pier. We had it all to ourselves, so we sat there and contemplated Alcatraz, which was right in front of us. We also had a front row seat to sailboats and ferries passing us by. The sky was grey and the water a dark turquoise, a light wind blew. It was the perfect setting for a romantic cuddle.

We quickly grew cold and hungry so we headed to Fishermans Wharf for a snack. We snaked our way through the crowd and ordered a famous clam chowder bread bowl. Instead of waiting for a seat inside somewhere, we opted to stand right there and share our clam chowder on the little counter ledge. The bread was crispy on the outside, but soft and warm on the inside. We devoured the bread bowl and pronounced ourselves too full to do anything else.

Lucky for us, we were right next to an antique penny arcade. Most of the games had been refurbished into working condition. We exchanged some bills for a hand full of quarters and ran amok in the old arcade. What fun we had! We played games, had our fortunes read, and bobbed for gumballs.

It was a wonderful fun filled afternoon at the San Francisco Piers and Fishermans Wharf. The longer we are in the Bay Area, the more magical San Francisco becomes to us.

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