Thursday, February 7, 2013

Etsy Valentines Day Gifts

Andy and I are not big gift people. We have everything that we could want, so we don't usually give gifts. For Valentines Day we will probably go out to dinner and exchange cards. This doesn't mean I don't enjoy looking for fun gifts though. As I have mentioned plenty of times before, Etsy is the perfect place to find homemade gifts along with supporting the small business community. These gifts are so much fun, I may actually give a gift this year. :)

For Him:
 Wild cent for your wild man. Cedar and Lime, with subtle hints of Lavender and Rosemary, wow. Find it Here.

 Hot chocolate with earl grey for the man with a more defined pallet. Find it Here.

A leather cuff for him with the latitude and longitude of your favorite place. (Andy would love this!) Find it Here.

 Guys like getting gifts of chocolate too...bacon covered chocolate! Find it Here.

For the coffee lover man. Some morning joe with a sweet note on it. Find it Here.

For Her:
 Dried and laminated bougainvillea petal earrings for the nature/flower lover. (I want these.) Find it Here.
 An anitomical heart illustrated tank for the literal woman. Find it Here.
 Fancy gourmet chocolate truffles. Flavors like bourbon, raspberry, and spicy mayan. Yes! Find it Here.

 Care for a mug of sensuali-tea? Calming herbal tea for the hot drink lover. Find it Here.

A simple delicate gold and red bracelet for the jewelery gal. Find it Here.

If you find something good, order it now so you'll have it by Valentines Day- next Thursday! And no, Etsy, nor any of these products endorse me for this. I just love Etsy.

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  1. Amazing blog! Just discovered you because of my stats in etsy show a view coming from here. Thank you for featuring my bougainvillea earrings!