Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Big Sur post one: Backpacking

Over the last few weeks Andy has been lusting after Big Sur. He has been watching youtube videos of the area, talking to co-workers, looking it up on maps etc. Finally we decided to go this weekend, rain or shine. (Our day started overcast and I was afraid it would rain. Luckily, it cleared up.)

Big Sur is an area along Highway 1 filled with national parks, beautiful scenery, and tons of hiking. We decided to drive down Saturday morning and backpack into the mountains to find a camping spot. It took us a few hours just to drive to Big Sur, but once we were in the area our eyes were wide and we couldn't stop ohh'ing and ahh'ing at the beauty.

We decided on a trail off the road, got our packs ready, and headed out. The hike was along the mountains lining the coast and went up, up away. The sun started to set and we got a little worried about finding a camping spot. Not too worried though, that we couldn't enjoy the blaring golden setting sun. It was beautiful! Luckily, right as the sun set we found a perfect place to set up camp. We put our tent up quickly and grabbed some fire wood right as it got dark. Talk about good timing!

Unfortunately, our solar lantern hadn't been charged (oops), so it didn't work. Andy also forgot to put batteries in his head lamp. So we were a little short on light, but once we got the fire going it provided the light we needed for making dinner, hanging out, and roasting the necessary marshmallows (we ate the whole bag!). Once the stars came out we couldn't help but let the fire die down and lay back to adore the sparkling heavens.

It was a beautiful evening of bright stars and the sound of waves crashing against the distant shore. The next morning we enjoyed a relaxed breakfast before heading back down the mountain for some more exploring. It was incredible to say the least! We are so lucky to be able to enjoy this beautiful nature and go camping in February. More of the trip and Highway 1 to come in a few days.

 Hanging out in the morning.

 Andy made us coffee and breakfast on our trusty little camping stove.
Yep, that's my man. He enjoys nature to its fullest!


  1. If Andy like's walking the trails in the buff, I've the the most beautiful nudie beach for you guys to visit up in Humboldt!

  2. A few days ago I posted about our backpacking trip to Big Sur. We took one day to backpack and camp, and one day to explore the area and Highway One. best backpacking tents