Thursday, February 28, 2013

Ellie-Style, biking Sonoma

Yikes, is it the last day of February already, how did that happen?? Time really flies, speaking of, this Ellie-Style is from a few weeks ago when Andy and I biked around Sonoma tasting wine. It was a wonderful day spent in wine country, so I wanted to be sure to look the part. Knowing we would be biking, I had to dress practical (ie: no mini skirts), but I also wanted to look nice enough to be in a variety of tasting rooms acting like I know the ins and outs of wine, ha! I knew that the day would start and end with fairly cool weather, but mid-day would be quite warm. I chose this combination of rolled up jeans and a cotton knit sweater with a scarf, and was happy I did so. I could take the scarf off when I was warm, the sweater allowed the breeze through, and the rolled up jeans kept me warm and cool at the same time. Presto, perfect! I would also highly recommend the bike ride through Sonoma that we did. It was easy and beautiful, oh and the wine was amazing.

Trek bike, Korean scarf, street fair sunglasses, Tommy Hilfiger (similar) sweater, Gap jeans, 
Lands End Canvas (similar) loafers, Target camera bag

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