Friday, March 1, 2013

Things to do in March

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Happy March!! Wow, I can't believe it is March already. I am pleased to say that just a few days ago I started seeing blossoms in Oakland. Spring has arrived in the Bay Area, what a wonderful feeling! Not that we ever had winter, but tree blossoms mark fresh starts and warmer weather.

It is always fun at the beginning of the month to think about the things you want to do that month. Like new years resolutions for each month...but not necessarily things to improve on, just things to do and experience.

So here's a list of Things to do in March:

- Experience nature. Go on a hike in search of new life, blossoms, flowers, new growth.

- Make some green mint chocolate chip cookies.

- Plant asparagus and potatoes. They can handle an earlier planing date.

- Host a St. Patrick's Day brunch and serve green eggs and ham, or green pancakes.

- Make a Leprechaun Float: green sherbert & sprite (a shot of vodka if you need the extra kick!)

- Buy flowers for your kitchen table. It may not fully be spring yet, but fresh flowers will help.

- Try a new coffee shop, or a new coffee/hot drink. Once it warms up you won't want to sip that hot drink, so enjoy it now.

- Find a cute green dress for St. Patties Day.

- Try yoga, or do more yoga. (Bathing suit season it coming!)

- Photograph these things: lines, shadows, architecture, laughing, green.

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