Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Christmas Packages

I've been busy! I closed down the chocolate business about a month ago, but my chocolate making hasn't ceased. When I closed the business I still had about 40 pounds of chocolate left...what to do with 40 pounds of chocolate?! Make candy and give it to your friends of course!

I decided on making bark to send to people. Chocolate bark is easy, tasty, pretty, and uses a LOT of chocolate. Which is the theme of my Christmas chocolate making, to use lots of chocolate! I don't want to be moving 40 pounds of chocolate across the country in one months time.

Most people would be thrilled to have 40 pounds of chocolate, but not me. I love chocolate, sometimes I even dream about it, but not 40 pounds of it. 40 pounds is overwhelming, it's heavy, it makes me feel sick thinking about eating it all. (Which I will do if I don't get rid of it. If you see me 40 pounds heavier in 6 months you'll know why.)

Bark was so much fun to make. And boxing it all pretty with one of our Christmas cards just made me plain old happy. In the following weeks I'll post some easy bark recipes that you can make for yourself. You'll have to buy the chocolate from the store though...because I'm sure you don't have FORTY pounds of it laying around. Really, I wish I could give you some of this chocolate!

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