Monday, December 3, 2012

Christmas Cards

I grew up in a family that took a family picture and then used it in our Christmas cards. We did this every year. It was Spaulding-Family tradition. I think it may have had something to do with being missionaries as well. People back in the States wanted to know that we were still alive and well in the jungles of Papua New Guinea. We also did a family newsletter chock full of pictures and juicy tidbits of us kids- like: Ellie started wearing a bra this year, Luke has his first native girlfriend, Jesse finally stopped peeing his pants etc. (Ha, just kidding about the juicy news part. God forbid missionaries mention that kind of stuff!)
One of the first Spaulding-Family photos. Taken at our village house. I don't know who the lady in the background is.
So back to the family picture. My brothers and I dreaded it every year. We'd complain, we'd procrastinate on getting dressed, we'd make faces, but it always happened. My dear parents put up with us all for the sake of that damned family picture! When it was all said and done though, we looked good. My dad did an awesome job with the camera self-timer and getting everyone in order and smiling at the same time. I hope people appreciated those pictures. We were probably gazed across many the refrigerator...a refrigerator celebrity-family of sorts.

This years Christmas card. 2012
Suffice all those years of dreading the family picture, it has stuck. The idea has clung to me like Vegemite on a piece of toast. (We grew up with Vegemite, love the stuff!) So I continue the tradition with our tiny family of Andy, Myself, and our dog Mr. Buckles. They are troopers as I parade us around looking for the best spots and messing with the camera self-timer. Sometimes we get a friend involved and have them hold the camera, as to take out a bit of the guess work.

Last years Christmas card. 2011
In the end we get a great picture and it goes on our Christmas card. I excitedly write notes to people on the back of the cards and send them off like a giddy school girl. I'm sure Andy and I are the only 20-somethings without kids that actually do a family photo Christmas card. People may get the cards and scowl at the fact that we hold our dog in the center of the picture as if he were our child. I don't care though, it makes me happy, and if nothing else I am carrying on the Spaulding-Family tradition. Does your family do picture Christmas cards?

Our first Christmas card. 2010

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