Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Airplane Carry-on

 Today Andy and I are flying to California. Yay! We are going out for a few days to find an apartment and get things set up before we move everything across about 10 states. It is interesting moving to the other coast. Adventure yes...but also a heck of a lot to do and think about.

So flying. I've done a lot of it. More than I can keep track of even if I sat down and really tried to. My first flight was at about 3 weeks old and it was an international 15 hour flight. Yep, my first passport picture is of a newborn. The flying and traveling was consistent from that time on, aka: my whole life. As soon as I was able to pack my own carry-on I did. I was a smart child and packed enough things for myself to do so I wouldn't be bored and annoy my parents. I loved and continue to love flying!

Since childhood, my carry-on has simplified. I have learned over the years to keep it simple and light. (You should have seen my backpacks filled to the brim with coloring books, snacks, note pads, pencils...etc.) Now I know what I'll want and need and that is all I pack. Nothing more, nothing less. What are your carry-on essentials?? I'd love to know.

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