Friday, November 30, 2012

Etsy Gifts for Men

Etsy Gifts for Your Dude under $45

Tis the season! It's about that time to hit the pavement and fight the dreaded crowds. I love shopping, yes I do, but I hate holiday shopping. Maybe I'll try something different this year and shop for gifts online. (Good idea eh, who ever though of that!?) I'm a strong supporter of Etsy, so enjoy this list of 8 pretty sweet gifts for men (in my opinion) that also helps to support the small business community.

 For the technology man. A leather ipad case...with a sweet engraved bicycle. $45 Here.

 For the adventure man (ie: my husband). A personalized engraved knife. $26 Here.

 For the hairy man? A genuine shaving kit with handmade soap. $31 Here.

 For the musical man (you lucky lady!). A personalized engraved guitar pick. $18 Here.

 For the clean man, or the coffee lover. Coffee body wash! $7 Here.

 For the cellphone savvy, or the texting man. Thumb-free gloves. $25 Here.

 For the commuter man, or coffee lover. A personalized engraved travel mug. $16 Here.

 For the hip working man. Some brightly colored skinny ties. (yes please!) $19 Here.


  1. I think I purchased something from the same seller on etsy who makes the leather ipad case - she made me a lovely wallet and personalized it. the guy whom I gave it to was a stinker, but the wallet was quality!

    1. Good to know that it was a quality item! That's what I really appreciate about Etsy, the good quality along with great prices. :)

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  3. This is cool gifts for guys! Thanks for sharing.

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