Thursday, December 6, 2012

A Christmas Party

I love a good Christmas party! It is fun to have an excuse to look nice and gorge myself on finger food. There's also usually champagne drinking and good conversations late into the night. I did just those things at our good friend Rachael's Christmas Party last weekend. She was a lovely host and cooked up some amazing little dishes for us to nibble on. I am basking in these last few weeks of being in DC, VA, and MD enjoying friends and holidays before we move to CA.

Getting ready before the party. The obligatory outfit pose. Some Ellie-style. I am happy to say that both the dress and the belt were thrifted. Scarf was a gift from Spain. Shoes are Nine West, tights and sweater are both from Target.

 The lovely host. She was just finishing up some of the cooking when we arrived. We were the first one's there so we popped open some champagne!

 We made the huge mistake of not eating dinner before we arrived. (For Andy, being prompt is more important than dinner!) So obviously he was quite hungry. Luckily we were the first one's there so he had dibs on the food before anyone else.

 Wow, just wow! These were almonds and dates (I think) wrapped in bacon with a sweet soy sauce for dipping.

 This was some kind of chocolate pretzel fudge. Sweet and salty for the win!

It was a fantastic night of Christmas partying in DC!

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