Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Busy Summer

The summer has been busy as seen by the absence of posts on my blog. My poor lonely blog has been neglected, but there is always time for a come back!

(The Adventure Race that And and his team, 'Hunter Gather' ran this summer)

(One of the weddings we went to this summer)

So here I am, mid October and living in DC. It was a whirlwind move to DC back in June. We had one day to find an apartment! Andy and I were scrambling to find a place so that we would have time to move in before he started his job. I think we looked at 12 different apartment buildings in one day. At the end of the day we knew where we wanted to live, so we went back to that apartment, expedited the move-in papers, and the place was ours by nightfall. I have to admit that I was impressed with the way we worked together that day. Andy and I were a team fighting against time to get a vital task accomplished, and we did!

(Moving from Harrisonburg to DC took us 3 trips in this truck)

(Standing on the Speakers balcony in the Capital building with friends visiting DC)

Andy started his job and my search for a job began. At first I was picky. I figured the city was mine, and I was going to make it the experience I wanted. I searched for creative and fun jobs. I wanted to find something that would allow me to move, to discuss, to think, and to create. But after searching and interviewing, and not getting any jobs, I changed my direction. I took a look at the city around me and realized that I should do something that would help other people and at the same time fulfill my passions. Social work was the name of the game, but unfortunately I don't have any experience or education in social work. So I simplified my searches and just looked for non-profit jobs related working with people and helping them. Let me tell you, after a few months of searching, writing cover letters, modifying my resume, and interviewing, I still have not found a job. My list of requirements for a job has slowly gotten smaller and smaller, until one day I realized that I will just be happy to have a job at all, and any list of requirements I had went out the window.

(Vanilla lime cupcake with cucumber buttercream frosting that I made for the DC State Fair)

So here I am, fall has come. Our summer was a busy time of traveling, weddings, outings with friends, moving (yes, we moved again), bicycle riding, wine tasting, brunching...and my endless search for the job that would make me happy. Now Andy and I live in a group house of five people (including Andy and me) just two blocks from the original apartment that we had searched for. We decided that living with other people would make rent much cheaper, and it does! Andy works long hours, but enjoys his job. I spend my days no longer searching for jobs and getting depressed, but making my own opportunities. I guess in times of recession one has to stay positive and take the opportunity to get creative, as I did back in Harrisonburg with making truffles.

(Our old studio apartment that was too expensive for our tastes)

(Our new group house that is much cheaper, gray row-house in the center)

My current employment situation finds me getting creative with things like photography and blogging. There is money to be made in both, if one knows how to go about them in the right way. So I am in the process of figuring that out. I have also just shot my first two official weddings! So I am well on my path to getting more business with that once my website gets up and running. If these ideas don't work, then my last resort is to get some more education, aka graduate school. It seems like the recession is causing people to go back to school. People can't find jobs, so they become more educated hoping to become more qualified for the unattainable jobs. Personally, I think it is a vicious cycle, but I may join that cycle soon enough. :)

(On a motorcycle ride for my 26th Birthday)

(Enjoying a day in the vineyards of Maryland with good friends)

So this is my long overdue update. Hopefully these posts will be more regular now.

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