Sunday, June 6, 2010


Hmph, life has been busy. I have neglected my poor little blog once again.

Well well, lots has happened! First of all, I have been working. Yay! It was about time I got a job. I was offered a contract job at Rosetta Stone in the Audio department, so I snatched it up and have been working there for the past 5 weeks. So these past 5 weeks have been interesting. I worked 40 hour weeks while Andy stayed at home and kept house. He cooked me dinner, washed the dishes and the laundry, made me lunch and met me to eat it on occasion, and was pretty much a stay-at-home-husband. As much fun as it was though, we decided it was time that we did something serious about getting jobs. Especially since my contract position at Rosetta Stone is about up.

As much as I love Harrisonburg, it just doesn't offer many opportunities for the types of jobs that both Andy and I have been hoping for. With Andy's job in Harrisonburg falling through, we turned to the next best place for us...DC. Because we have both lived there in the past we have numerous connections and friends still there. Luckily Andy was able to work his connections and conjure up his ideal job as a Project Manager for a solar company. It all happened so fast too. One week we were enjoying our life in Harrisonburg but wondering about jobs, and the next Andy was hired in DC.

So now we are moving again. On the road again... But not for long, I feel that DC is it. We will be there for a while. With Andy working his dream job and limitless opportunities for me, I think we will be occupied for a few years at least. :) Oh my my, since being married our life has been all over the place. It is good though, we are both very flexible people so things are going well for us. I think we are finally getting used to married life and the ups and downs that come with it.

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