Thursday, April 29, 2010


Both Andy and I love plants so it was natural for us to want a house full of plants. Unfortunately, we just haven't had the money for lots of plants, so we started slow. While we were visiting a good friend she gave us a cut-off of one of her plants. We placed it in our window and watched it sprout all sorts of little roots. Soon it was ready for dirt, and now it is a wildly growing little plant. Since then we have gotten another plant and babies from it. We also bought seeds for 6 kinds of different herbs and of course they are also growing like crazy. Our apartment is composed of lots of windows and just a few walls, so it is an easy place for a plant to grow.

(our first plant!)

Since our plants were all bursting out of their little pots we decided it was time to give them more room to grow...bigger pots! So last weekend Andy came back from the Rockingham Co-op with lots of pots, little plant sprouters of tomatoes and peppers, and a huuuge bag of dirt. I took one look at the dirt and said, "we don't need that much dirt!", but Andy just shrugged it off and said "Oh, just you wait".(The herbs before we re-potted them. They love the sun!)

So the re-potting began. We took everything onto our wonderful wrap-around porch and dug in. The dirt was glorious, the sun was shining, and the neighbor kids were fascinated. :) Soon, our dirt ran out, and we hadn't even finished yet. I couldn't believe how fast we went through so much dirt! So we got more, and then that dirt finished. We could have used a third bag of dirt, but the place was closed so we worked with what we had. I was almost ready to go digging in the back yard.(The first time we potted plants was in the bath-tub, it quickly got messy though.)

Finally we were done. We brought all our newly potted plants back upstairs to our apartment and spread them out. With the addition of tomato and pepper plants, our window room is officially all taken up. The next step will be to take the plants outside and into a garden, but we can't do that until we move in July. So until then, we will keep our little garden in the house. We love it!(Our first plants, now this window seat is covered in plants!)

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