Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Well...Andy and I are still plugging away at life trying to find our place. In the past two weeks we have done a lot of visiting with family, both mine and his. It was all fun and necessary since we had been gone for almost two months, but now that we have been welcomed back and said hi to everyone we need to get to work. Get to work on finding jobs and a place to live.

At least we have decided upon the place. The place will be good ol' Harrisonburg. Yes, we are returning to our home town once and for all. As much as we try to leave the place it just keeps calling us back. So finally we have decided to follow the calling and go with what feels right. Luckily Andy has some awesome opportunities so things in that department are going well.

I...on the other hand, am still without a job. My last full time job was teaching English in Asia. I did that for well over a year, and have not done much (other than some volunteer work) since then. So I am left wondering what am I qualified to do? At this point I'd really just like to have a full time job to pay the bills, so I guess it doesn't matter so much what I do. I will just be happy to have something to do. I never thought I'd feel this way, but boy oh boy I can't wait to be busy again! (I'm sure now that I've said it, I'll be busy off my rocker and want to take it back.)

So in the mean time we have been looking at a variety of apartments. I've always just moved in with friends in the past, so actually looking at apartments is a lot of fun! We've seen such a variety. One in an old victorian house with an abnormally small oven...not for me, I like baking too much. One in an old house near downtown, but with bad heating. One in a new building downtown with harwood floors, high ceilings, energy efficient everything, a huge kitchen...but too expensive. I feel like Goldilocks in the search for an apartment that is 'juuust right'. Luckily a friend of ours is going to let us stay in his apartment for the next two months, as he is leaving his lease early. This way we will have plenty of time for me to find a job and for us to find that perfect apartment.

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