Friday, March 5, 2010


Well Andy and I are in Texas right now. His parents are selling their house and moving to Colorado so we have come to help them get the house ready to sell. We took a Greyhound bus for 28 hours to get here. Wow! It was quite the interesting bus ride. We met all sorts of people, overheard some interesting conversations, and had to get off the bus every three hours for a designated 'break'. One of the funny phone conversations we heard was from a guy sitting behind us. I guess he was talking to his girlfriend or wife and the funny part of the conversation went like this:
"Well now who's more important, me or the cat... What?! the cat? Ok, I understand the cat knows where the food is, but I still think I'm more important..."

So far in Texas Andy and I have been putting in a decent amount of work, but we are also having fun. We took the canoe around the lake and then once it got dark we enjoyed the hot tub in our birthday suits. The stars were shining and the air was cold enough to see a some steam rising into the dark night. ;) Tonight we sipped wine slowly while our steak, shrimp and potatoes simmered on the grill. It was a wonderful meal! We've been having conversations on life and making plans as well. Ahhh jobs, projects, dogs, gardens, kids...we have a lot to look forward to!

We are lucky though to have this time to spend with family, enjoy ourselves, talk, and figure out what we are going to do next in life.

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