Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Pouring rain.

It's 1am on a random Wednesday in February. The rain is pouring outside and I am listening to Lauren Eash's beautiful music:

Her wonderful folky music fills my ears and makes my heart happy, while the rain fills in the gaps. Andy is sitting across from me busily researching something on his computer and I am amused by this life of ours. Somehow we have found ourselves married to each other, living a dead end life in Taiwan because we can't find jobs teaching English here, spending our rainy days watching movies, cooking soup, and wrestling in bed.

I find myself getting frustrated with our current position. We have trekked all the way over to Asia just to play around in our apartment. I feel like somewhat of a failure because we couldn't find jobs teaching English, and instead I got sick. People here should be begging us to teach their children English, but instead they tell us, sorry we don't need you. How could we have made a mistake this big, wasted all this time??

...But I'm seeing it all wrong. This time is a blessing. Instead of Andy and I being stressed out, we should see the signs that we are not meant to be here, and instead enjoy the rest of our time. Which is what we have begun to do. I am finally feeling better, getting better, and enjoying time with Andy. We have each other here and only each other. Andy is my best friend and we are semi stranded on an Asian island together. What fun!

So this is my vow to stop being frustrated by things 'not going as planned'. Life never goes as planned. Some things happen and some things don't. At least I have Andy by my side and more love than anyone could ask for. I am lucky! :)

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  1. It's hard keeping perspective when you're isolated and unwell. I'm quite impressed by your positive attitude.