Sunday, February 21, 2010

sleep schedule?

To go to bed, or to write in my blog...that is the question.

Some how our sleep schedule has gotten really messed up. Our days have turned to nights and our nights have turned to days. I guess with my being sick Andy let me sleep as late as I wanted (like 1pm). So then with a nap in the afternoon, by the time I was ready for bed it wasn't until about 1 or 2am. So here it is, 2:30am and we are still up. Neither of us are tired, but we know we should be in bed. Oh my, something needs to change!
Andy relaxing in our living room...instead of going bed.

Among other things, we have four days left living in Taiwan and I am finally almost over my bronchitis. (But of course, now Andy is starting to develop a cough.) Anyway, we have a packed schedule to fill our last few days. We are going to be visiting temples, enjoying some hot springs, and relaxing on the beach. It will be exciting to finally get out and have some fun, since the last two weeks were spent cooped up because I was sick and also because it was pouring rain outside.

The sun decided to show itself this week so we are heading outdoors! Now if only we could go to bed at a reasonable hour...

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