Sunday, February 14, 2010

Chinese New Year!

Last night was the start of the Chinese New Year here in Taiwan and our neighborhood sounded like a battleground. Starting at about 8pm fireworks and firecrackers were let off all over our neighborhood. It escalated and lasted until about 3am. From our bedroom it sounded like bombs were going off outside. We were expecting something like that to happen though, because for a week leading up to this point random fireworks were let off, scaring the crap out of us. Living on the top floor (5th floor) of our building we are quite close to where all these fireworks are let off. It was noisy and exciting to say the least.

It is interesting to be living here over such a huge holiday. We could feel the locals anticipation leading up to this 1-2 week long holiday celebration. Everything has been decorated in red, gold, and fancy Chinese lettering. Stores have changed their products to gift packs and decorations, special markets were set up for traditional food and candies...and the festivities go on. I can almost feel the excitement in the air as our neighbors bustle about preparing for relatives to arrive and feasts to be served.

Today marked the first day of the Chinese New Year as well as Valentines Day for those of us Westerners. I'm sure it was an eventful day for the people around us, but for Andy and me it was just a relaxing day. Andy made me a wonderful breakfast in bed, so we enjoyed a leisurely time in bed with each other eating the great breakfast that Andy prepared. It was nice to have some intentional time together, especially since I've been sick lately. I'm glad to say that today is the first day in about a week that I have felt somewhat normal again. Hopefully I am finally getting better...maybe it is Andy's breakfasts in bed that help. :)

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