Monday, November 9, 2009


Yesterday morning I received a call at 5am. It was a call that I ignored a few times before answering. In my dazed, sleepy state I thought it was a telemarketer...but oh boy was I wrong! I finally answered. It ended up being Andy calling from Africa. He sounded frantic and in a huredly voice he told me that his passport and bank cards had been stolen! I couldn't believe it, and there was nothing that I could do because I am a whole continent away. Andy couldn't talk for long, so we said a quick goodbye and that was that.

I spent the whole morning worrying about Andy and his situation. There was nothing I could do though, and I couldn't even talk to him about it because I don't have a phone number for him, and he wasn't online. I can only imagine how frustrated he was, because I was frustrated and I am not even the one in the situation.

Later in the day I got to talk to Andy online. I found out that not only was his passport and bank card stolen, but also his computer, my camera that he was using, his cell phone, his books, and his journal. It was everything but his clothes! I just can't believe this. This is the worst thing that can happen while you are traveling. I am trying so hard not to be stressed or worried, but I can't help myself. I just hope everything gets worked out and figured out.

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