Saturday, November 7, 2009

Zee Avi

A few days ago my dad came home from work all excited about a new singer that he had seen in a magazine. He said that Jack Johnson had discovered her and signed her onto his label. Then he wanted to look her up on my computer and make me listen to her music. He was so excited! So her name is Zee Avi and she's from Indonesia. She writes her own songs and sometimes she plays the ukulele. I think her music sounds like a mix between Nora Jones, Bret Denon, and Regina Spektor.

Then yesterday my dad heard on the radio that of all places in the world, she would be coming to Charlottesville that night! What are the odds?! So of course we went to see her in the Twisted Branch coffee house downtown. It was a wonderful evening listening to Zee's liquid voice flow into the warm coffee shop. :)

Anyway, she is a new favorite of mine. You can check out her website and hear some of her music here:

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