Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The real look of motherhood

My friend Mike just wrote about FOMO (fear of missing out) and how in our social media driven world we only post about the cool parts of our lives. His point was how we post the best parts of our lives to feel cooler than other people posting about the awesome things that they are doing. It is a vicious cycle. You are guilty of it, your hairdresser is guilty of it, and I am definitely guilty of it.

As a new mother I want to showcase how cute my baby is and what a perfect life we live. My daughter has a head full of hair and is pretty much adorable. I probably take upwards of 20 pictures of her a day. (I know!!) Then I scrutinize over which photo is the best to post. ...All the while struggling to breastfeed and dealing with a colicky baby who screams all day. But you don't see that part. You see the cute baby picture, or the "happy" mom on an adventure with her new baby picture.

Another thing I have been partaking in as a new mother is the posting of my baby's monthly milestones. This includes her weight, development progress, likes, and dislikes. I just finished posting my baby's 2-month stats and got to thinking that maybe I should do a milestones post for myself as a new mother, to measure how far I've come. Not a pretty post, but a real look at the beginning progress of motherhood. All of the attention is on the baby's progress, but what about poor mom? She is growing, learning, and progressing too.

So here is my non-FOMO post of REAL motherhood month by month. 
(My hope is to do all 12 months of my first year being a mom.)

 Month-1 Outtakes:

 Month-2 Outtakes:

 Month-3 Outtakes:

Month-4 Outtakes:

 Month-5 Outtakes: 


Month-6 Outtakes: 


Month-7 Outtakes


Month-8 Outtakes


Month-9 Outtakes


Month-10 Outtakes


Month-11 Outtakes

Month-12!! (Yay!)

Month-12 Outtakes 


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE the breastfeeding picture.

  2. I love the pictures. You can send them ALL to me! Love, Gramma Tree

  3. I love love love this post! It's totally like that.