Thursday, July 16, 2015

An Ode to Jenna

Having a friend pass away so young is a difficult thing. The only people I have laid to rest have been grandparents, older relatives, and the odd parent of a friend. Jenna was one of my best friends. It has been difficult for me to process her death as I am about to birth a baby. It is such a strange and odd time for me. At this point, I feel that the best I can do is this little write up. I wrote it for her "celebration of life" (funeral), but then couldn't bring myself to read it. So here is part of my processing on death and life:

I feel like a bit of a contradiction.
Mourning Jenna's death, while I grow new life.
But all life is a celebration.
Life and death are what make the world go round.
They are the purest form of this world.

Jenna was an innocent bystander of life.
Enjoying, loving, living.
Just living one 4th of July to the next.
Because she loved the holiday...
And made us all swear to spend it together.
Together forever, because this holiday is for friends.
That's what she said.

Jenna was an innocent bystander of life.
She loved candy and cheesecake.
Always had something stashed in her purse for later.
She loved laughing and dancing.
Many a late night was spent dancing the living room away.

So here I am a contradiction.
Growing new life, excited for each day.
But Jenna is gone, how do I cope, how do I mourn?
She was my friend, my buddy, always there.
Now she's never to be seen again, only in memories.
In my heart I hold her, my by arms they never will.

Jenna was an innocent bystander of life.
She lived it well and short, her time was sweet.
The insult that is cancer took her too soon.
She fought hard and strong, never wavering to defeat.
She was one fierce lady, always positive in her fight.

So I say goodbye to Jenna.
As I welcome new life, a babe into my arms.
This is life I tell myself.
Life and death, it is the purest form of what we live.

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