Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Pregnancy Update: 25-weeks (6 months ish)

Here are my 6-month stats:
Physically I have felt pretty good these days, I've even gotten out and done a bit of hiking. I haven't been sleeping that well though due to back pain. Even though I have a pregnancy pillow, far too many other pillows have been brought in to remedy the situation. I have also been getting heartburn at random times, like after eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich or in the middle of the night waking me from sleep. So weird! Luckily, the heartburn isn't an often occurrence. Mentally, I am all over the place. Some days are great, others are horrible. For instance, on Easter I cried probably 5 times throughout the day and just could not get happy. Mild little bouts of depression creep in and out of my days. I know it is hormone related, but it is still something that I am struggling with. I really hope it doesn't turn into postpartum depression once the baby comes.

The bump is in full swing of growth right now. Some days I look more round than others, but there is definitely an obvious bump now. I can feel little girl kicking and moving on a regular basis

My cravings these days are instant and short lived. I will crave something, eat it, and then not want it again for a while. Among these things have been shrimp, jellybeans, and pop tarts. I am not liking chicken or scrambled eggs much these days. I will eat just about anything else...and a lot of it.

Baby Stats:
The baby is the size of a turnip. According to my latest ultrasound she is weighing roughly 1 pound, 2 ounces. (She's measuring small for her "age", but healthy non the less.) She is supposed to grow 6 ounces a week from here on out. Her ears are nice and developed now, so she can hear most of the sounds going on around me. (How cool!) And she is sucking her fingers. I know this because we saw her doing it during an ultrasound.
Here she is sucking on her fingers during the ultrasound.
 Awkward Moment:
While on a little vacation, Andy and I were walking back to our hotel from dinner and the baby directly kicked my bladder. She kicked the pee right out of me! I totally wet my pants (just a squirt). Luckily we were almost to the hotel so it wasn't too bad of a situation. Definitely a first though.

25-week Pregnancy Food in Pictures:
strawberries with cheddar and parmesan cheese

bang-bang shrimp pasta with zucchini and mushrooms
strawberry ice-cream with a peanut butter cookie

homemade yogurt with honey


  1. Ellie, my dear!!! You know I can help you with that back pain!!! And any other sleep issues. Get in and see me for a pregnancy massage, STAT!

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