Monday, July 1, 2013

Packed up and Moving out!

Well folks, we are officially on the road! We have been anticipating this move for the last few weeks, but it came upon us really fast. We actually had Airbnb'ers staying with us until the second to last day, yikes! I emailed the girl who would be with us to let her know that our apartment was going to be crazy because we were moving. (I emailed her a month in advance.) I gave her the option to cancel with us and find another place...or to stay with us for a very discounted rate. I really hoped she would stay somewhere else, but she chose the discounted rate. So...we packed around her. I'm so glad that is over!

(This is everything we own, plus a bed, couch, and kitchen table.)

When Andy and I moved to California it was right over Christmas and not only did we drive through a huge winter storm, but we had very limited time to make the drive. We drove our own Budget moving truck and because we had stopped in Indiana to have Christmas with Andy's family, we had no more free time for our cross-country trip. We had to get to CA in 3-days, so it was straight driving for us. We were both bummed about driving in winter conditions and not being able to stop at random places along the way. This time we decided to do it differently. We planned a 10-day trip across the country to stop and see some friends, do some camping, check out some curiosities (like Roswell, NM), and have a few days with Andy's parents. This time we also have a moving truck that is taking our stuff for us. All we have to do is drive our car and make sure we are in VA to meet the moving truck on the other end. We are pretty excited!

(Our planned trip itinerary.)

So, our California life is packed up and on the road. Our car is all loaded with camping supplies, dog stuff, and a cooler full of cheese and fruit. We've got our road-trip music mixes made, and our travel caps (cowboy hats) on. Wild South West, here we come! Then it's home to Virginia!

(The way Andy packs vs. the way I pack.)


  1. I love your blog very much.

  2. It’s nice that you opted to use boxes and bags that you already have instead of going all cardboard boxes on your move. Not only does it reduce consumption of paper for the cardboard, but it also gives you less clutter to clean after the move is done. Good luck with your two moves!