Friday, April 12, 2013

Muir Beach...not woods

Happy Friday!! What adventures do you have planned for this weekend?

Last weekend, Andy and I decided to go check out Muir know, the really huge redwood trees?! Well, that's not what ended up happening. When we got to Muir Woods, not only was it overrun with people, tourists, cranky kids, and the like...but there was no parking for miles, literally. We could have parked 3 miles away and then walked into the park after battling hoards of tourists and traffic...or, we could check out Muir Beach instead. (Where's a motorcycle when you need one?!) So we went the beach route. It was a relief to get away from all the tourists and gulp in the salty air. As Andy and I were walking out to the beach I had made some comment along the lines of, "No tourists but bleh, it's just another beach...". Once we got out to the rocks though, I sat there and contemplated my comment. Yes, it was another beach, but it's not so much about the scenery (which yes, is often the same) as it is about how the beach makes you feel. Despite similar scenery, the beach gives me a renewed feeling. A feeling of hope and peace. With each breath of salty air that I breathe, I feel better about life and the world. I feel more energized. It is a unique and special feeling that I can only get at the beach.

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