Monday, April 22, 2013

Home-Office Tour!

Andy and I have never really lived in a space where we could create a home office. Living in small apartments and group-houses means no office. We had never even considered having an office until we bought our house in Virginia last year. Then, there was a designated space for an office. The room was too small for a bedroom and set up with specific storage for an office, so we created an office. I set it up for my chocolate business, but I was too busy in the kitchen to ever actually use my office. It just sat there.

When we moved out to California our leasing company made a mistake and gave us a 2-bedroom instead of a 1-bedroom for the same price. Awesome! Andy and I knew right away that it would become an office. I was excited because this time I actually planned on using it.

I love this antique turquoise dish for pens and dry-erase markers.

I already had most of the office furniture, so not much was done to put this office together. My desk is an architect drawing table that I found on craigslist for $20. The chair is from our kitchen table. (Fancy right?) The idea board and white board I already had. The one thing I added though, is the square storage piece. It is from Ikea and so handy! Each cubed storage area is designated for something different, which helps me stay organized. One for shipping supplies, one for craft stuff, one for paint stuff, and one for more office-type supplies.

It is fun to have the space for an office and to actually use it. It is where I do my daily blogging and come up with projects. I love that the architect table is so huge and able to accommodate a lot more things happening at once. I love it!

 My 'idea board' of sorts. That is a picture of me from my younger years.
My blog schedule by week laid out on my white board. My weeks don't always go as scheduled though.
A glance at the whole room. It is a huge room, so it is multipurpose between Andy and me.

*(Side note: This room is slightly different now since we are accommodating Airbnb'ers in our other room.)

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