Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Art Inspiration: Angelo Merendino

'The Battle We Didn't Choose' is a photo series of Angelo Merendino's wife's battle with breast cancer. It is a powerful series that shows the good times, the bad times, the struggle, and the loneliness of battling cancer. Angelo's message about the series is that he took the photos so that people could 'humanize the face of cancer'. He wants people to have a better understanding of how the disease really affects people. It is often talked about in the news and media, but rarely is it personalized so that we can have a glimpse into how it affects one's life and family. That is what these photos do, they take us right into the Merendino's lives and show us the nitty gritty of living with cancer.

I think it was courageous of Angelo to do a photo series like this, so close to his being. It is when art gets personal that it can really teach us something and relay a message. These photos are powerful and evoke all sorts of emotions! Check out his website for the rest of the series and story.

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