Thursday, April 4, 2013

Fort Funston & Crissy Fields: Dog Friendly in the Bay Area

Our first weekend in California Andy and I packed our car with dog toys, snacks, ourselves, and our dog Mr. Buckles. We were so excited to explore the Pacific Coast beaches and let our dog run free. Little did we know that the majority of the beaches outside of San Francisco were NOT dog friendly. Beach after beach said 'no dogs'. We were completely disappointed. From that point on, we have been keeping our eyes open for dog friendly areas. So far, we have come up with Fort Funston and Crissy Fields. These places are FULL of dogs and happy dog people. For those of you who don't own and/or walk a dog, there is such a thing as unhappy dog people. They glare at you if you try to let your dog sniff their dogs butt. Or they angrily pull their dog to the other side of the sidewalk when you pass. Those people are complete debbie downers, bah humbug! There are no such people at these places though. The dogs are happy to run off-leash and romp around with each other, while the owners laugh and chat. There are also water areas for the dogs to enjoy a cool drink. In two words, these places are Doggie Paradise. We may just stop our search, because Fort Funston and Crissy Fields are the best!

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