Friday, April 19, 2013

5 Instagram Stories

Two days ago we received a 'you missed a package' note in our mailbox. Both Andy and I put our heads together trying to remember if we had ordered anything. We had not. So yesterday I called the delivery place and asked if they could re-deliver the package. They redelivered asking if I was Ellie, 'yes, indeed that is me'. So I signed for it, opened it and discovered a mystery bottle of California sparkling wine. So far we have not been able to figure out who it came from. We are more than happy to drink it though! :) Happy weekend to us!

As most of you already know, Andy and I go on a lot of weekend adventures. Getting out and exploring the area is so much fun! I find myself getting situated in the car on Saturday mornings with my coffee, my camera, and my trusty phone with its Instagram. I looked through my Instagram photos recently and found a lot of pictures similar to above. Me, strapped in, heading out on our Saturday adventure. So I have decided to start a series. This is just one of many more to come!

Last week I wrote about Ida Frosk and the food art that she does. I thought it was fun and cute, but then forgot about it. On a particularly stressful day this week where my bike was stolen and I sliced through my finger while cutting vegetables, I didn't feel like cooking a 'real' meal so I threw these things together to eat. When I looked down at my plate I discovered they made a face! So I arranged the items a little nicer and snapped this picture. If you can't tell, the food items are lunch meat, english muffin with cream cheese, and cantaloupe. (Not a normal meal for me.)

This is our old bedroom, old office, old bedroom. If that makes sense... Yeah, we move our apartment around a lot. Our neighbors probably wonder what we are doing every weekend. We have a lot of space in our apartment and recently decided to turn this room into a rentable room on Airbnb. (The couch folds out into a queen sized bed.) It is our first time with Airbnb, so we are learning about it as we go. What fun though! We are booked straight through June. Every few days we get different visitors. They are from all over the US and World, and each are unique with their own quirks. When you live with someone, even just for a few days, you quickly learn about them. I am considering starting a blog just for Airbnb stories.

Bacon! Yes, who doesn't love bacon! Recently Andy snuck a bulk sized box of bacon into our grocery shopping cart. I have no idea how I missed that, not that I would have debated it though. So we have been eating a lot of bacon. Each breakfast that Andy has cooked over the last few weeks has had bacon in it. I asked him where all the bacon was coming from and he said we had bought it a few weeks ago. 'What?! I don't remember buying bacon.' So he told me to look in the freezer. There it was, taking up half of our freezer, a gigantic box of bacon! That sneaky man of mine...

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