Friday, March 8, 2013

Ellie-Style, Brunch

Andy and I recently went for brunch in Emeryville, Oakland and this is what I wore. (I'll write a brunch review of the place we went in a future post.) Our Oakland weekends lately have been sunny and warm, around 60 degrees. The flowers and blossoms are also starting to come out, which is fun. Having just moved here from Virginia, a March spring is very exciting! I am not used to this warm of weather or seeing signs of spring this early. It has definitely made my heart lighter and puts a spring in my step. I will be excited to start brunching outside more as the weeks progress. Yay for spring! And speaking of spring, this light blue sweater with rolled up jeans was a perfect color and style for the day.

TJ Max sunglasses, old Target sweater, TJ Max purse, Gap jeans, h&m flats

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