Thursday, January 10, 2013


I just can't help myself on this post. I drove a large truck across the country and I have to boast about it! Yes, Andy was with me, and yes he also did a lot of the driving. So what?! I still drove a huge truck and that is something to be proud of!

When I went to pick up this truck I saw a variety of small moving trucks in the front lot of the truck office. I wondered which one was mine. After signing all the paperwork the lady asked me if I had driven a truck like this before. I pointed to the trucks outside and said "sure, which one is it?". She replied, "Oh no, it's none of those. Yours is around the corner with the hitch on it." I figured oh, ok it's probably a similar truck just with a hitch on it. When the rental lady and I finished our casual pleasantries, I took the keys and went to find my truck. When I passed the corner I saw a much larger truck with a hitch on the back. Yikes, I am I going to get this thing home!?!

I had a mini panic session and thought about calling my dad to come drive the truck home. (Andy was at work, I was staying at my dad's house.) Then I thought to myself, no- I can do this! So I did it! I drove the truck home and then I drove it (off and on) over the next 5 days as we moved across the country. And let me tell you, driving not only a large truck, but one with a car hitched to it is quite the experience! Especially when the wind blows.

We went through the windy plains of the Midwest, a few snow storms, and a variety of steep mountain passes. We drove through wind, rain, snow, light, and dark conditions. In the end, we made it unscathed and in one piece. I feel like a better and more empowered person for doing it too.

So the next time you want to feel empowered, drive a big truck! ...What makes you feel empowered?

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