Friday, January 11, 2013

Peninsula Beaches

Ahh the beaches of the San Francisco Peninsula! Last weekend was the first 'real' weekend that Andy and I have had in the Bay Area. Our first weekend we moved in, then it was New Years, so finally we had a nothing-to-do weekend. It was great! We started by driving to Half Moon Bay. It was a lovely drive through green hills and past little farms and flower stands. We also passed a few vineyards that we hope to go back and visit. From Half Moon Bay, we drove up highway 1 and stopped at a few more beaches. It was a wonderful leisurely day of overcast skies, playing on the beach, watching surfers, and sampling the local cuisine (crab). I love that this is home now!

What are you doing this weekend? I think we plan on heading to the slopes...Lake Tahoe!

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