Saturday, January 19, 2013

Strong-Arms Saturday!

I am going to borrow an idea that comes from another blog that I read. The blog, Today's Letters, does something called 'Fist Pump Friday'. They post pictures of themselves and of blog readers that send pictures in. People from all over the world send pictures into the blog of fist pumping the sky. So my take on it is something that Andy and I have done as an anniversary tradition. We like to put our arms up and flex showing that we are still going strong in our marriage. We do it on every anniversary. I am going to transition that to the blog for Saturdays. From now on, every Saturday will be 'Strong-Arms Saturday'. I will start by posting pictures of myself and Andy, but the hope is to eventually post your 'strong-arms' pictures. Please send pictures to: and look for them the following Saturday.

Me last week in Tahoe.

Andy and I on our last anniversary.

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